Proverbs 29:18 in the Authorised Version states “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. The Hebrew word translated here as ‘perish’ has the sense of going astray. It is commonly used with reference to a woman’s hair that has been let flow in the wind and is shapeless and blowing in all directions. So a coherent and consistent vision gives shape and direction. Churches need vision – a God given vision.

In Acts 10 and 11 Peter had this wonderful dream and it widened the horizons of his vision; it caused him to think of heaven in a different way and it caused him to think of the Holy Spirit in a different way

Maybe we need to think of heaven not as a closed shop for a select few but as an open house into which all who trust the Saviour may enter. And may be we need to think of human beings not as ‘our sort’ and ‘the other sort’ but as sinners in need of grace just like us. Maybe we need to think of the Holy Spirit not as someone we can control but as someone who can control us. Peter’s vision is one we all need to grasp the importance of.

Once there was a flock of geese that milled around in a barnyard imprisoned by a high wooden fence. One day a preaching goose came into their midst. He stood on an old crate and rebuked the flock for being content with this confined, earthbound existence. He told stories about the exploits of their forefathers who spread their wings and flew across the trackless wastes of the sky. He spoke of the goodness of the Creator who had given geese the urge to migrate and the wings to fly. This pleased the geese. They nodded their heads and marvelled at these things and applauded the eloquence of the preaching goose. All this they did. But one thing they never did; they did not fly. They went back to their waiting dinner, for the corn was good and the barnyard secure.

‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’ says the scripture.  

Every blessing. Sam

Furloughing of Staff 

Now that Coronavirus restrictions are lifting we can no longer justify having three of our staff on furlough. So Chris Boucher, Vera Bewley and David Martin have resumed their normal working hours. We are grateful to them for all their cooperation in this matter, and we are grateful to the government for the furlough scheme.


The 252ndconference of our church ends today. The Rev Sam will share his experience of this virtual event at the Zoom Evening Service tonight.

Communion Service

We are planning to have a Communion Service on the morning of the last Sunday of this month – the 27th.  As before, we’ll be using the specially prepared ‘Fellowship Cups’.  We invite anyone who engages with the live-stream service from home to let us know of their interest in sharing in the communion service so that we can deliver the cups to you in good time. Please contact Rev Sam at the manse or Isobel in the Church Office.

The Church Cross

Our cross has fallen from its moorings in the church tower. It looks like wet rot was the culprit. The pieces remaining at the two anchor points have been removed and the damaged roof has been repaired. We want to take this opportunity to explore our options before the Church Council decides what to do by way of a replacement. 

Church Office Move - Update

Renovations are well underway in the room just inside the Glencairn Road entrance. (The room was previously designated The Prayer Room but hasn’t been used as such for a number of years now.  The Church Council took the decision to relocate the Church Office firstly because it is safer for both those working in the office and for the building itself, and secondly because it opens up a number of new possibilities for the Ballyclare Road entrance and for the Chapel, which would help develop both our Sunday morning ministry and our weekly activities.)


  •     10.45am Communion Service: Rev Sam McGuffin
  •     7.00pm Carol Service

Both services will be live-streamed

zoom logo transparent 300x162For ease of access, here is a list of the regularly occuring zoom events with access details or contact information


  • Sundays
    • Children's Church
    • Sunday Evening Worship
      • Sundays at 7.00pm
      • Meeting ID: 859 9672 6755
      • Passcode: 202020

  • Mondays
    • Girls' Brigade
      • Mondays @ times arranged by Captain Anne McDowell
      • Contact Captain Anne McDowell (via Church office) for details

    • Men's Choir
      • 1st Monday of the month (mostly!) @ 6.45pm
      • Contact Billy Edwards or Jack Audley (or the Church office) for details

  • Tuesdays
    • The Prayer Course
      • Tuesdays @ 8.15pm
      • Meeting ID: 876 5627 4652
      • Passcode: 781801

    • Men of Glengomley
      • Tuesdays (twice per month) @ 8.30pm
      • Meeting ID: 826 6716 8869
      • Passcode: 202122

  • Thursdays
    • The Bible Project
      • Thursdays @ 8.00pm 
      • Meeting ID: 865 2761 3069
      • Passcode: 287750

  • Fridays
    • Boys' Brigade
    • Fridays @ times arrraned by Captain John Crossan
    • Contact Captain John Crossan (via Church office) for details

  • Saturdays
    • Men's Prayer Breakfast
      • 1st Saturday of the month @ 8.00am
      • Meeting ID: 778 210 3642
      • Passcode: 53124




babybankGMC 9.30-11.30AM

At the moment we would be very grateful for the following donations:

  • Nappies/Cream
  • Bibs
  • Baby Wipes
  • Muslin Squares
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Baby Bath Toiletries

Thank you for all the donations to date.

techteam advertWe have wonderful opportunities for people with an interest in, and perhaps even a little experience of, the technical side of our church life:

  • from operating the laptop that controls the PowerPoint each Sunday,
  • to controlling the sound desk,
  • to operating the live-streaming itself,


we need help with it all.

Interested? Talk to the folks at the back on Sunday or ring the manse and Rev Sam will put you in touch with the person you need to talk to.

prayerWe are pleased to have restarted our weekly church prayer meetings in the Chapel every Tuesday at 9.30am and 7pm.

 Everyone will be very welcome.